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What does it entail and what can you expect?

discover what you like and increase your (practical) knowledge

Internship is more than an obligation from your school. It is an opportunity to discover what you enjoy doing. You gain practical experience, you create a network and, if you do well, you might even get a job as a result.

In short, doing an internship is a valuable opportunity to develop both your personal and professional skills, helping you prepare for a successful career. We are happy to contribute to that.

what to expect?

personal guidance

A supervisor is your first point of contact and will help you during your internship.

short lines

We have an approachable culture, so help is never far away. Your colleagues are happy to help you with their knowledge.


Working independently is important to us. You will therefore be given the responsibility, and the tools, to achieve your goals.

atmosphere & sociability

Fun is important. That is why we make every effort to unite you with colleagues and fellow students.

what do your predecessors say?

The atmosphere inside Ventura is very pleasant. You can easily talk to people and they take the time for you. This helped enormously in completing my graduation project.

We list the most important terms of employment for you:

Internship fee

For a full-time internship, you will receive €350 per month in internship remuneration. This is a small compensation for your efforts.

Flexible working hours

In the office, you start and leave between 7:30 - 9:00 and 16:30 - 18:00. Start earlier or later? No problem.

ADV days

Around the holidays, we often have compulsory ADV days, a day when the entire staff is off. So that includes you.

Focus on development

We focus on your development and offer support or courses where necessary.


With the company or within your team, we organise various outings; fairs, BBQs, get-togethers, you name it!

Free fruit

Every week you can grab free fruit. Compensate nicely for the monthly treat that is often a bit less healthy.

Are there no more doubts or questions? Then we will shake hands and organise the paperwork for Ventura and your training depending on the requirements.

Time to sign. You will receive the internship agreement and all the necessary paperwork from us for a successful start.

Before your first day starts, you will receive from your supervisor the time you are expected and a familiarisation schedule for the first few weeks. This way, you know exactly where you stand.

On your first working day, you will be welcomed by your supervisor. He will introduce you to the company and help you get started. This way, you will quickly be up to speed!

At the moment, we have no internships available. Are you interested?

Ventura Systems
De Marne 216
8701 MH Bolsward

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Indicatie salaris (min – max]onbekend – onbekend
Aantal uren (min – max)1 – 40
Contactgegevensonbekend , onbekend onbekend
Type contractStage
LocatieBolsward, Friesland,Nederland
Soliciteer direct

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